The Adventures of Legolas

Buried Treasure
Legolas finds a lonely island with a forgotten tomb

Legolas arrived safely at Edwan. There, he found the Destroyer moored, captained by a no-nonsense female Elf named Eranien. Eranien was expecting him, and was ready to set sail. Legolas left his party’s horses with the local military garrison, and Eranien promised to provide replacements once they had reached their destination— the human border city of Ulrin.

Their sea journey was uneventful, until they reached the wide open sea. There, a great storm stirred up, whipping the wind suddenly too strongly for the Destroyer to manage. “Is there anything I can do to help?” Legolas asked Eranien.

“Get the main sail down!” she yelled. “My sailors can’t release it, and the wind is driving us too hard!”

Legolas and his companions scrambled up the main mast. Using his sword, Legolas cut the bottom ropes holding the main sail in place. It then fluttered about wildly, and he proceded up the main sail to cut the tops. He managed, but as he did so, he heard the ominous splintering of the main mast as it broke off at the base!

Legolas was plunged under the water with the mast over him. He managed to climb on top, and saw the Destroyer being driven away from the mast he and his companions clung to! Thinking quickly, he grabbed his rope and grappling hook and made a desperate throw. The grappling hook just made it, hooking on to the side of the Destroyer! Sailors rushed over to hold it in place as Legolas and his companions hauled themselves aboard.

After the storm abated, Eranian found the Destroyer much slower in the water without her main sail. She took stock of their supplies in light of their new slower speed, and confided in Legolas that the ship’s food, and more importantly, their fresh water, would likely not last until they reached Ulrin now. They would need to find some along they way.

Fortunately, they soon came across a small uncharted island. As the Destroyer anchored and Eranien and her crew repaired the storm damage, Legolas and his companions swam for the shore, to see if they could scrounge either food or water there.

They climbed a small volcano in get a better view of the island. They saw a dilapidated structure in the middle of the island. As they watched, two arguing goblins came out of the structure. They fought and yell, then one went back in while the other disappeared into the woods. This went back and forth for a while.

Legolas and his companions crept stealthily closer, then launched a sneak attack from the cover of the island’s foliage. One goblin fell to Legolas’s and Amdoth’s arrows, while Lomiorada and Saelens charged and killed the other. Both fell before they could make any noise or alarm.

From where Lomiorada and Saelens stood now, though, they could see steps in the woods leading down into a dark entrance. Perhaps these two goblins had been guarding something? Legolas lit a torch, and the elves ventured warily down the steps. They were unable to detect any signs of activity as they walked down a long hallway which ended in a very old door. It wasn’t locked, and they went through.

Past the door, they found a few steps leading up into a large room. In the center of the room was a well surrounded by a large orc and four more goblins. They were so busy investigating the well and lower ropes into it that they completely failed to notice Legolas and his companions entering the room with their torch!

The elves wasted no time preparing an attack. Legolas and Amdoth targeted the orc, both hitting him solidly and he crumpled dead down the well, never to know what had killed him. The goblins panicked as Lomiorada and Saelens advanced upon them. Legolas dropped his bow and drew his sword and a quick battle ensued. The goblins drew blood, but were no match for the elves. The last goblin didn’t think much of his chances for escape, and tried to flee down the well.

The elves held their torch over the well, and saw the goblin had fallen and was laying dead on top of the orc. They scavenged a fair amount of gold coins off the goblins they had slain, then climbed carefully down the well. The orc had a very nice cloak which Legolas kept, as well as two maps and a clay vial labelled “MAEK BETTER” which they assumed was a healing potion.

The bottom of the well appeared to be a wet, natural cavern which had, at some point in the ancient past, been worked into a rough room. It extended into a narrow passageway, which the party explored carefully. Across a small stream, they saw the the passage end in another small, crude room. As they approached, they saw the floor covered with scattered items, and heard something disturbing them. Slowly, they saw three skeletons rise from the sandy soil and advance.

Two skeletons advanced with clawed fists, while the third, clad in ancient, destroyed finery and wielding a mighty wand, stayed back. The elves attacked the skeletons, and found it difficult to connect effectively with their piercing arrows and spear, and slashing sword. The skeleton with the wand raised it, and began to fire magic missiles at the party. The elves finally dispatched the two lead skeletons, and the remaining skeleton raised his free hand and chanted hoarsely in some forgotten tongue.

The elves were suddenly filled with fright, and all of them turned back down the passageway to flee! The remaining skeletal wizard launched magic missiles as they fled, and by the time they found cover, Saelens was burned badly and hurt. The elves recovered from their fear, and Legolas ran to Saelens and gave him the clay vial. Saelens quaffed it and began to feel better— just as the skeletal wizard began to chip away at their cover with his magic missiles.

The party steeled their nerved, then charged the last skeleton. The fight was hard, and soon Saelens and then Lomiorada were incapacitated. Legolas got close and finally shattered the skeleton with a mighty blow from his sword. The party found a number of interesting items in the room— a fine sword, scale mail, a ring, a tabard, and almost a hundred ancient gold coins.

Legolas stabilized Lamiorada and Saelens, and soon found the recent storm had left plenty of pools of fresh water throughout the island. They were also able to gather fruits and berries, and even hunt a few animals, before returning to the Destroyer with enough food and water to finish the journey to Ulrin.

The Destroyer had a magic user on board, Nestor, who worked to identify what items they had found. He declared all the items magical— a +1 sword, +1 scale mail, +1 ring of protection, and a heroic tabard.

The Journey to the Sea
Legolas sets out to spy for King Hirakida

Legolas was summoned to appear before the ancient, immortal King Hirakida. As he prepared himself, his father spoke to him. “Take care, my son,” he warned. “Do not fall into any of King Hirakida’s evil schemes!”

Legolas strode through the most beautiful city in the world, the elf capital of Nybin. He climbed the thousand steps of Hirakida’s palace, and was admitted before him. Flanked by his elven guards, Hirakida was noble, and did not appear to be old enough to have guided the elf empire across the world for thousands of years. “Legolas,” said the kind. “You have proven yourself a worthy and capable general for me here in our capital. But now, a great war threatens us. The humans and the dwarves are preparing themselves for a war between themselves. I would have you ride forth, and report to me of their preparations. We must make sure that this war does not threaten the elves.”

“I will do as you ask,” said Legolas.

’Ride the mountain road to Edwan, then. There I will have a ship for you." Hirakida motioned, and three of his guard stepped forward. ’Amdoth, Lamiorada, and Saelens. They are faithful guards of mine, and I entrust them to you, to guard you upon your journey."

Legolas and his guard prepared for their journey. The rode hard and fast, outpacing the mountain way stations set every normal day’s journey and camping along the road each night. One night, as Legolas kept watch, his elven eyes heard something out of place. Cautiously, he looked around and found two goblins sneaking up on the camp! “Goblins!” he shouted, rousing the others as he swiftly notched an arrow to his bow and fired, killing a goblin outright.

His guards jumped up and began to arm themselves, as three more goblins charged from the wood line, and a fourth opened fire with his bow. A swift fight ensued, with Legolas’s guard dispatching the goblins charging the camp, and Legolas stalking the bow-armed goblin and returning fire until he met his mark.


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