The Adventures of Legolas

The Journey to the Sea

Legolas sets out to spy for King Hirakida

Legolas was summoned to appear before the ancient, immortal King Hirakida. As he prepared himself, his father spoke to him. “Take care, my son,” he warned. “Do not fall into any of King Hirakida’s evil schemes!”

Legolas strode through the most beautiful city in the world, the elf capital of Nybin. He climbed the thousand steps of Hirakida’s palace, and was admitted before him. Flanked by his elven guards, Hirakida was noble, and did not appear to be old enough to have guided the elf empire across the world for thousands of years. “Legolas,” said the kind. “You have proven yourself a worthy and capable general for me here in our capital. But now, a great war threatens us. The humans and the dwarves are preparing themselves for a war between themselves. I would have you ride forth, and report to me of their preparations. We must make sure that this war does not threaten the elves.”

“I will do as you ask,” said Legolas.

’Ride the mountain road to Edwan, then. There I will have a ship for you." Hirakida motioned, and three of his guard stepped forward. ’Amdoth, Lamiorada, and Saelens. They are faithful guards of mine, and I entrust them to you, to guard you upon your journey."

Legolas and his guard prepared for their journey. The rode hard and fast, outpacing the mountain way stations set every normal day’s journey and camping along the road each night. One night, as Legolas kept watch, his elven eyes heard something out of place. Cautiously, he looked around and found two goblins sneaking up on the camp! “Goblins!” he shouted, rousing the others as he swiftly notched an arrow to his bow and fired, killing a goblin outright.

His guards jumped up and began to arm themselves, as three more goblins charged from the wood line, and a fourth opened fire with his bow. A swift fight ensued, with Legolas’s guard dispatching the goblins charging the camp, and Legolas stalking the bow-armed goblin and returning fire until he met his mark.



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